Better Call the Crowd: Using Crowdsourcing to Shape the Notation of Domain-Specific Languages


Crowdsourcing has emerged as a novel paradigm where humans are employed to perform computational tasks. In the context of Domain-Specific Modeling Language (DSML) development, where the involvement of end-users is crucial to assure that the resulting language satisfies their needs, crowdsourcing tasks could be defined to assist in the language definition process. By relying on the crowd, it is possible to show an early version of the language to a wider spectrum of users, thus increasing the validation scope and eventually promoting its acceptance and adoption. We propose a systematic method for creating crowdsourcing campaigns aimed at refining the graphical notation of DSMLs. The method defines a set of steps to identify, create and order the questions for the crowd. As a result, developers are provided with a set of notation choices that best fit end-users’ needs. We also report on an experiment validating the approach

In Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10360).